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June 11, 2010

Back When it was Simple

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When I was in middle school there was this song by a rap artist named Ahmad. The song spoke of thinking back to when he was a kid and how simple life was. The chorus went like this

Back in the days when I was young,im not a kid anymore but some days I sit wish I was a kid again

I used to know that entire song by heart and would rap along when the video came on tv. Its funny now that I think about it because back when it came out I was 14 years old so really I had no clue what he was really talking about. I liked the beat and the song sounded cool.

Fast forward; now that song takes on a brand new  meaning. One grows a little older and is all of a sudden responsible for bills, education, work, family, future, etc. It can all get overwhelming at times can’t it? Wondering what your future will be and how you will make  your mark on the world. Whose lives you will affect, what kind of impact you will have, where you will be as you grow older, are you making the right decisions now to get  you to the place you want to be. Ahhhh “back in the day when I was young I’m not a kid anymore but sometimes I sit and wish I was a kid again” so so so true.

What amazes me is that I know that all individuals have these thoughts and concerns. At the end of the day we want to feel safe and secure. We want our families to be healthy and happy. So if at the core most people want this in their lives then why do we tend to focus so much on our differences? We should take some time and notice how young children are as they play on the playground. They are not concerned with color, background, age, ethnicity; all they focus on is what they all have in common. The fact that they want to run around and play and have fun.

So when you are having those moments when you are feeling overwhelmed and the walls of the world are closing in on  you think about those words from Ahmad’s song.

Back in the days when I was young,im not a kid anymore but some days I sit wish I was a kid again


June 10, 2010

Man Up!

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It’s so interesting that I find myself here at this crossroads in my life. Up until now I never thought I was grown. Sure I am legally an adult (30 years old) but up until a year ago the only responsibility I had on this earth was me, myself and I.  All I had to do was make sure my bills were paid and that I kept a job to take care of those bills as well as other obligations that I had. Now here I set 4 months way from marrying the love of my life. Its not just me anymore I am responsible for someone else. I guess I have always thought that one does not really reach adulthood until he or she is truly responsible for someone else. Now this responsibility can come in many different vehicles such as a child, a spouse, and ailing parent, etc.

I look at my upcoming nuptials as a right of passage. Not only saying “Hey look another person can tolerate me” but saying that I have made it to an level of maturity where not only I am capable of being responsible for another human being but that I accept it and in fact welcome it. I thank God for the woman that he has placed in my life.

Now what do I do? In four short months I will have a wife being that I have never been married before and there is not necessarily a “Husbands for Dummies” I have been thinking about how I can make our marriage different from those marriages out there that unfortunately do not make it. I have thought about this and prayed about it, I have consulted with others who are married and last but not least I have gone to my bible for answers.  One of the verses that sticks out to me about marriage is that of

Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her  – Ephesians 5:25

The church being the people of God. God gave up his only son for the church (the people). He died.

So if I am to love my future wife as Christ loves the church I don’t have to physically die but I need for all of my selfish desires to die.

This is much easier said than done. It goes against what society teaches us and what we have been programmed to do. Marriage isn’t for the faint at heart. Its a daily decision.

It’s Time to Man Up!

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